About Us
We have been in business since 2005. We work with fresh flowers and artifical flowers. Our goal is to help brides and families to get arrangements at an affordable price.
I have studied floral arrangement technique for many years. I am always trying new and unique things to bring to my clients to make their arrangement "one of a kind" which allows me to bring my unique expertise to each and every order. My staff consists of 5 creative and experienced floral designers who are eager to help you create a unique vision for your order. 

Our delivery range is from up to 30 miles from our location, and we use refrigerated vans so your flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful.
"I've been preparing flowers for weddings and other special occasions for over five years. The most rewarding part of my job has been to help our special brides prepare for their special days!" THIS IS MY PASSION. The best reward is your satisfaction!
                                      - Kim A. (designer)
Call us today to set up a free consultationat (314) 409-3327
We strive to work within your budget bringing you beautiful flowers for any occasion you desire.
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