Bouquets is a way to show your personality!
All bouquets is wrapped with beautiful satin ribbon with your choice of color. We also can add pearls, diamonds & more to any bouquet. We can custom make your bouquet  to reflect your colors & your unique personality. Please contact us at (314) 409-3327 for details.
Show your personality with a special made bouquet.
Items # 1021
This Beautiful Calla Lillie Bouquet features 8 medium calla lilies. Stem is wrap with your choice ribbon

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   Item# 2245
This Gorgeous Carnation Bouquet features 20 carnations, comes in Hot Pink, Pink, Red or White.

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       Item# 1407
Stunning Love & Lilly Bouquet features 12 Red Roses & 5 Mini Calla Lilies. Stem is beautifully wrap with you color choice satin ribbon. 
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    Item# 1487
White Rose Bouquet features 3 to 5 Roses, Baby-s Breath & Tree Fern . (Can add more)
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Item# 1235
Stunning Love & Lilly Bouquet features 12 Red Roses & 5 Mini Calla Lilies. Stem is beautifully wrap with  satin ribbon.
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    Item# 2579
Mixed Rose Bouquet.
Hand-tied bouquet with 20 mixed roses of orange, red and white roses, mixed with hypericum berries.

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  Items # 5468
Beautiful Fall Bouquet. Features roses, calla lilies, berries & baby's breath.

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     Item# 7821
A darling bouquet of  10 lavender roses accented with an aster filler and varigated Italian ruscus.
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    Item# 2175
Oriental Lilly Bouquet
This bouquet features 8 Lilies, greenly filler & ribbon.

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   Item# 4288
Luxurious Cream Rose Bouquet. Roses are studded with pearls & surrounded by a frilled collar of fresh green ruskus.

Beautiful Daisies & Rose Bouquet features light pink & hot pink daisies & 12 roses. Steam wrap with satin.

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      Item# 2230
White Tulip Bouquet. Bouquet features 20 white tulips. Stem is wrap with ribbon & silver studs going down bouquet. 

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Bouquets Starting at $50.00
Add Boutonnieres for  $5 ec. & Corsages for $10 ec.